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We offer comprehensive photography solutions for clothing companies, online shops and importers.

We also take photos of accessories, underwear, jewellery or footwear. Our company works with a variety of models, including heavily set individuals. We are open to advise you in whatever solution is best for you.


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These kinds of photos perfectly present the cut and other characteristics of clothes. Such pictures are great to showcase the shape and true appearance of clothes reliably to customers intent on purchasing them having to touch them. If we present them together with a few pictures of accurate details, like for example a fabric texture, pattern or functionality, they will give the impression of a real product. Thanks to our experience, we know how to attain the desired symmetry, smoothing of folds and imperfections and avoid too any artificial “inflated” effect.

ghost shots of clothes
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These are the photos of flat clothes situated usually on a white background. The clothes are carefully arranged, ironed out or folded on purpose to add them a required shape and style. It’s the best solution in case of kids clothes. We can get similar effect with clothes on hangers.


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These are the photos of clothes on models. They are usually taken in a photographic studio on a plain background. They are definitely the best for the clothes advertisements and the most persuasive for customers who tend to identify with a model. This is a great type of photo, mainly for online shops and showrooms. They can be cropped without a model face, which considerably lower the costs and shorten the preparation period.

image sessions
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These are photos that aim at presenting not only particular clothes but also a brand, a clothes collection or a business activity. Image photos are characterized by a cohesive conception, the same atmosphere, and an interesting location. Engaging scenery, props, model styling as well as graphic processing of taken pictures provide a clear and catchy effect.
Image photos are also used as website banners, graphics for brochures, billboards or for clothes designing.


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These high-quality photos are the best solution in case of footwear, purses, belts, ties and other accessories. Thanks to our brand new studio equipment, we process large orders efficiently with a guarantee of high-quality photos.
The advantage of our pack shots is also standardization. All pictures of similar products are lighted and cropped exactly in the same way. Thanks to our pack shots, your online shop will look more professional and become even more user-friendly.

packshots of acceessories