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The modern photography is a basis of current trade.
Thanks to it, customers choose your offer among others.
Our packshots show products always from a good side, no matter if we photograph jewellery, cosmetics, electronics or building materials. We assess accurately what is the best about a product and we know how to show it in a photo.

Take photo and use it as you like

print and advertisement


Photos from the same perspective, angle and lightening which means the predictions of effects. A graphic model, which is common, simple to recognize and identify with a particular brand, makes customers recognize a product fast and effectively. Thanks to it, your online shop or brochures gain a professional and reliable look and will become even more user-friendly. As a result, they encourage to purchase.



We cut each item accurate to within a pic. Define us a correct size and you’ll get all photos cropped in the same way.


We can prepare packshots with a precisely removed background. Using our solutions we remove a background even from transparent objects. We deal with glossy items or “white on withe” photos.

background removal